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"Heart Disease Begins with a Dysfunctional
 Immune System"
Scientific American Magazine

Scientific American states: Scientists now agree that inflammation fuels the development and progression of artherosclerosis: the dangerous accumulation of fat - laden deposits, or plaques, in the arteries. The old view- that fat builds up on passive artery walls- is no longer tenable. Read Complete Article **PDF file 

Scientists have found that heart disease begins with a dysfunctional immune system. Germs hide in the arterial lining causing an immune system reaction. The immune system secretes chemicals to trap the germs and this leads to inflammation. Cholesterol builds up in the inflammation and creates a blockage that leads to a heart attack



Now You Can Enable Your Cardiovascular

 Systems Health in an Unprecedented Way!



Scientists at 4Life Research have developed the patented technology of targeting transfer factors to a specific body system. TF Cardio contains targeted transfer factors that can direct the immune system to the very source of the problem.

How and Why does it work? Suppressors in the targeted transfer factors suppress the overreacting cells that cause inflammation. In other words TF Cardio goes directly to the source of the dysfunctional immune system. More than one million people die each year from heart disease.

Doctors have found that millions of people that were believed to be healthy are in the beginning stages of heart disease, even children as young as 16 years old.

Compromises can Be Dangerous....


Without a healthy HEART, a happy and active lifestyle can quickly disappear.

We all know the basics of proper diet and exercise, yet with today’s everyday

demands it can seem impossible to fit it all in.


Scientific Advancement in the field of specialized Transfer Factors

(US Patent 6,468,534) offers never before seen hope & help in keeping

the primary life engine of your body in optimal health...


How does T.F. Cardio Do That?

4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio

4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio


T.F. Cardio uniquely uses “specialized Transfer Factors” to support the “normal inflammatory response” within the body and protects the health and integrity of the entire cardiovascular system. Studies & experts now agree that chronic inflammation is the hidden culprit in cardiovascular disease and something must be done about it or else...


What Are These New Transfer Factors?


Transfer factors are small messenger molecules that educate the immune system, support healthy immune responses, and promote the body’s ability to

remember past health threats. Most experts agree that they are the most

important all natural Medical Discovery in decades...(info link here)


T.F. Cardio Is Complete In its Support...

In addition to its astonishing patented and targeted Transfer Factors


B vitamins, folic acid, B6, and B12, support normal homocysteine levels within the body.

Antioxidants such as selenium, copper, zinc - Vitamins A, C, and E, which also promote

healthy homocysteine levels within the body. Niacinamide, hawthorn, resveratrol, garlic,

lysine, and red rice yeast to support proper circulation and healthy cholesterol level.


Here’s The Good News..

We all know exercise routines and preparing the correct diet are very important,

but unfortunately they can be time intensive activities, and sometimes we just

don’t have that time to spare.


Taking T.F.Cardio on a daily basis requires less than a minute and you’ll have the

satisfaction of knowing that you’ve solidly supported your cardiovascular system

by investing in the most Advanced All Natural Technology Available today!


Don’t Wait Till Its Too Late...

A frightening future diagnosis can be a devastating event. Doesn’t it make sense to

make an investment in the most valuable and irreplaceable possession you own?

It stands to reason that the more we do NOW the more confidence we can have

in a healthy and happy future. Is your heart worth it?





Composition Patent
awarded to
4life Research for

Salt Lake City, Utah (January 3, 2011) 4Life Research™ announced today that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded the company a composition patent that protects the 4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio formula until 2025. This is the company's sixth worldwide patent. 4Life has numerous international patents and dozens of patent applications pending.

4Life’s progressive science and pursuit of patent protection strengthens the business opportunity for 4Life distributors with the exclusive right to market 4Life Transfer Factor® products. 4Life President Steve Tew: “We invest a great deal of resources into patent protection on behalf of our distributors because we know that the opportunity they share must accompany the kind of exclusivity, credibility, and longevity that patents exist to provide.”

4Life's commitment to patents includes an emphasis on research and development to generate formulas, compositions, and processes that are patentable. While 4Life's legal team concentrates on patent acquisition, the International Product Registration department focuses on registrations around the world to support distributor growth now and in the future. In 2010, 4Life completed 101 product registrations in 30 countries.

4Life Founder and CEO David Lisonbee: "Patent protection is just one way that we work to empower 4Life distributors with exclusivity and credibility in the marketplace. 4Life patents provide our distributors with security for decades to come.

4Life has offices on five continents to serve a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service.


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